Blocked Drains & Repairs

Blocked drains occur from time to time due to various factors including tree roots, collapsed or cracked pipes and foreign matter blocking the drain. Blocked drains in either sewerage or stormwater pipes can be cleared with either our electric eel or high pressure water jetter. With CCTV drain camera footage and location services, the blockage and or damage can be identified, viewed and a solution tailored to suit. CCTV, or closed circuit television camera and location detection below ground is essential to finding the exact location for the repair to be made. This gives us an informed visual of the problem in colour format video that the client can view.

Blocked basins and sink drains can be nasty and smelly and cause a nuisance to the owner. Sometimes the humble plunger can be the plumber’s best friend. Hair, toothpaste and oils are the main offender here and may need to be manually removed, though sometimes tree roots can appear this far up the blocked drain. Blocked drains can be viewed with the latest technology to help pin point the repair required. When locating a blocked drain the area of excavation needs to be as small as possible to save the client money and get the repair done quickly.

PVC, Clay, HDPE and other older drain piping get blocked from time to time. Your local Buderim Plumber, Water Smart Plumbing, can repair all of the above. From industrial services to homes we are available to clear and repair your blocked drains when they occur in a timely manner. Water Smart Plumbing always leave your property the way we found it and always clean up after ourselves.

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