Rainwater Tanks

If you have a rainwater tank or require a new rainwater tank and downpipes for either gardening or to service your house, Water Smart Plumbing, your Buderim Plumber, can source a variety of products to suit your requirements and budget. Gutters should be clean and operating correctly for this system to work at capacity. Pumps, filters, UV treatment systems and stormwater systems can reduce your urban footprint and are environmentally friendly.

Rainwater tanks come in a variety of colours and shapes to suit your plumbing needs and building requirements. They are an asset for any homeowner and avid gardener looking to utilize this resource.

Rainwater is a great option for decreasing your urban footprint and saves you money from utility fees. Water Smart Plumbing can supply and install any size rainwater tank that will fit your property and its needs. We also match the pump size to suit your usage needs. Poly rainwater tanks are made of food-grade plastic so you and your family will be drinking the cleanest and safest water when you combine with correct filters and treatment devices. Rainwater tanks are also great for commercial and industrial properties reducing overall water charges and helping to utilize our precious resources.

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For new installations or replacement or any rainwater tank system in need of repair, or if you are looking to purchase a property and require a pre purchase plumbing inspection including the rainwater tank system for your own piece of mind.