Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Before you buy any property, you should always have a building and pest inspection. This also applies with a plumbing pre-purchase property inspection. Checking existing drainage for root infestation or damage, inspecting for leaking fixtures and a water pressure test can save you money before you buy. Water Smart Plumbing uses a CCTV pipe camera to inspect your sewer and stormwater drains before you buy. We will provide USB footage or still images of any issues present. Leaking taps, toilets and showers are not only costly, they waste our precious water resources. Guttering, downpipes and stormwater needs to be operational and in good condition to work effectively. Hot water systems need to be operating at the correct temperature and safety devices need to be maintained. If you live in a rural setting or not on town water your rain water system and rain water tank and pump should not leak, and your overflow and inlet supply water should be operating to capacity.

Having Water Smart Plumbing conduct a pre-purchase inspection focuses on:

If any issues are discovered during a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection, a quotation for repairs can be submitted prior to purchase. Having piece of mind when looking to purchase a new property comes down to knowing what condition your plumbing system is in before you buy, and if there are any surprises to pay for after you purchase.

Water saving solutions are also available if you are deciding to purchase a property to rent to tenants. A water saving certificate is available to ensure your property is ready for its next tenants who will pay for this utility.

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