Hot Water Systems

Your hot water system needs to be functioning correctly for your family or business requirements to be met satisfactorily. Do you have a slow recovery hot water unit that doesn’t meet your requirements or a system that is too small and beyond repair? Water Smart Plumbing, your local Buderim Plumber, can size, source and install a new hot water system that meets your needs and budget.  A hot water system that does not heat correctly may have a maintainable item that can be replaced to get it operating correctly again. An ineffective heating cycle due to an old or corroded element or can cost more to heat in the long run and can sometimes be dangerous. A fully sacrificed anode may lead to corrosion in other areas. Generally speaking, the life cycle for an external electric hot water system outdoors ranges from 10-15 years. *Depending on conditions.

Hot Water Systems – Safety

Do you have the correct safety device on your hot water system? Some older installs on homes do not have the required tempering valve which is a code requirement. If you are unsure of the condition of your hot water system please contact Water Smart Plumbing for an assessment and quote. If you are operating hot water in an aged care facility of area of public use you may need an additional safety device. A thermostatic mixing valve is required for this application. Water Smart Plumbing can install, maintain and repair these items for your new or existing hot water system.

Commercial & Industrial Hot Water Systems

Commercial and industrial hot water systems also need preventative maintenance. With circulating pumps, pressure tanks and a multitude of valves and gauges, Water Smart Plumbing can maintain your hot water system, and repair when required. Temperature checks for your hot water system ensures there is no chance of a potential Legionella transmission. This is the same for all hot water systems though especially in the case for hospitals, aged care and areas where those are most vulnerable. Water Smart Plumbing, your Buderim Plumber, can assess and repair defective items on your hot water system to have it operating in the most safe and efficient manner.

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