Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Unfortunately, you can never tell when an emergency or accident will happen. Water Smart Plumbing, your local Buderim Plumber, is a 24 hour 7 day a week business that can attend to your emergency plumbing repair quickly and safely. If a water pipe bursts in your home at night or your toilet starts to overflow, Water smart Plumbing will be there to isolate the problem and make provisions for repair at the earliest convenience. Sometimes when you are away on holiday is when these things tend to happen. You need a reliable and contactable plumber whom you can contact in an emergency to access your property. Full reports for insurance claims can be submitted and photographic evidence will always be provided should the worst occur when you are away.

Emergency repairs can still be avoided with preventative maintenance. Leaking taps, defective flexible connectors, leaking toilets, hot water systems, dishwashers are all potential areas of concern and the water should always be turned off at the main before any extended trip away. This can ensure your property does not flood in and emergency event.

A blocked sewer line can cause mayhem for any home or business. Having the smell and just the knowledge of what has just happened can cause customers and staff to panic. Water Smart Plumbing, your local Buderim Plumber, has the equipment and the knowledge to sort these issues. With a high powered drain jetter, electric eel and CCTV drain camera and locator, we can identify and solve any nasty drainage problem that may occur on your premises.

Businesses and industries trading after hours also have emergencies. As Water Smart Plumbing is a 24/7 company and we can get your business or facility operating again as soon as possible. From blocked drains, to overflowing toilets and burst water pipes or no hot water, emergency repairs can be managed to keep you safe and operational.

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