Plumbing Repairs | Leaking Taps & Toilets

All plumbing requires maintenance and when you have a leaking tap or leaking toilet it needs to be repaired to save water and money. Taps, mixers, faucets, toilets, pans, water closets all have moving parts that when old and deteriorated and not lubricated correctly, can leak. Leaking, flexible connectors under vanity basins, kitchens and laundry tubs can cause major damage if not repaired quickly and correctly. One leaking tap alone can lose 9000 litres of water a year while a leaking toilet can waste more than 60000 litres. With preventative maintenance and action, you, your client, tenant, or resident or whoever pays for the water, can save money.

Repairing leaking taps and toilets may require replacement of the entire fixture or your Buderim plumber, Water Smart Plumbing, may be able to source a repair kit for the works. Water Smart Plumbing can advise the most cost effective strategy to get you operating quickly again. New tapware and toilets can be sourced at multiple places. Ask your Buderim plumber, Water Smart Plumbing, where to purchase or have them submit a free quote for supply and installation. Note that plumbing fixtures and tapware need to be installed by a licensed plumber. This will maintain your warranty and make sure the job is done correctly the first time. Water Smart Plumbing are licenced and qualified and will be able to fix or replace any leaking taps or toilets and leave your bathroom in a clean state without costing a fortune.

Burst and leaking pipes, toilets and taps need to be repaired quickly. Flexible connectors under your fixtures are no exception. Have your Buderim plumber, Water Smart Plumbing, inspect your property for damage and replacement options. Burst stainless steel flexible connectors are common causes of water damage to properties and any leaking pipes can cause a lot of damage very quickly.

WELLS ratings water efficiency certificates are available for body corps and landlords looking to charge their tenants for water consumption. Tenants with leaking taps and toilets could take you away from other pressing issues and cause delays to rental income unless repaired quickly and correctly. Insurance is nothing anyone wants to have to deal with and prevention and regular maintenance on leaking taps and toilets can save hours of stressful dealings.

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