Commercial & Industrial Plumbing Maintenance

Water Smart Plumbing can test, commission, service, repair and maintain your commercial and industrial assets including all maintenance and servicing on backflow prevention devices such as RPZ, DCV and SCV valves. These valves need annual servicing and commercial and industrial properties are responsible to ensure their devices are tested annually. Backflow prevention is an essential service for commercial properties as it is a safeguard for your staff and other properties off the water service.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves or TMV’s also require annual servicing. Water Smart Plumbing can test, commission, service, repair and maintain these assets. TMV’s are largely used in public domains and aged care facilities where scalding water must not be used. Similar, yet not testable is a tempering valve used on hot water applications to limit the temperature of hot water in use. These devices can be installed where required if the commercial or industrial application requires this valve. Hot water systems are essential for any commercial or industrial property and Water Smart Plumbing, can be on hand to repair or replace these services if required.

Commercial and industrial sewer and stormwater also need attention. Be it a simple drain cleaning or a larger project, Water Smart Plumbing can maintain or repair these assets. Banks of toilets, showers or bathroom blocks need regular maintenance to ensure they work as intended. Any leaks or blockages will continue to add costs to a commercial or industrial premise until located and repaired. Water Smart Plumbing has the knowledge and equipment to maintain these services.

Body Corp assets are included here and all the above is applicable. Rental agencies, Landlords and Body Corp managers have the same responsibilities to their clients and tenants. Water Smart Plumbing can service your client’s commercial and industrial assets including Schools, Factories, Hotels, Resorts, Unit complexes and more.

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